Why Women Are at The Risk of Chronic Joint Pain?

Why Women Are at The Risk of Chronic Joint Pain

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in India and the number of people affected with this traumatic problem is rising at a speed which is almost frightening. Nearly half of the adults above the age of 50 have been diagnosed with poor bone health that leads to some forms of arthritis. The alarming fact is that the risk of joint pain is higher among women than men. Research indicates that women are more susceptible to all kinds of arthritis and osteoarthritis is one of the common forms that majorly bring knee pain, hip pain and hand joint pain. This obviously prompted research which laid bare factors.some avoidable, some unavoidable.

Hormonal imbalance Can Cause Osteoarthritis

Chances of osteoarthritis soar with age. This is a known fact. But like some ailments which defy detection, the real cause of osteoarthritis is yet to be discovered despite intensive research. However, research arguably suggests that the female estrogen level may just be one of the real reasons. Not totally conjectural, this fact still awaits emphatic validation.

Healthy Food For Joint Health

Food for Bones

Proper nutrition is the most recommended way forward to balance bone health that tends to deteriorates over years.It is advisable to avoid foods that trigger joint pain. Calcium rich, low fat foods like milk and yogurt that also contain vitamin D are extremely good for bone health. Fish, green vegetables like broccoli, citrus fruits like orange have demonstrated beneficial properties that are also good for bones and treatment of arthritis pain.

Make Healthy Lifestyle For Arthritis Cure

The lifestyle of Indian women is believed to be one of the major risk factors for developing osteoarthritis. Firstly, most women tend to do their household jobs manually. The complicated structure of bones aggravates the conditions. Other detrimental factors are ageing, disease, sprains, and poor nutrition. What helps is healthy changes in lifestyle.

Reduce The Risk Of Joint Pain By Losing Weight

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Obesity is identified as one of the prime reasons of arthritis especially in knees. Excessive body weight has a direct connection with both onset and progression of joint wear and tear. Extra load-bearing knees are prone to inflammation that leads to cartilage damage. Losing weight with proper diet and exercise can significantly reduce the risk of joint pain and stiffness and arthritis knee pain relief.

Ageing Is a Risk Factor For Arthritis

It is a known fact that the chances of getting arthritis shoot with age. Calcium is an essential mineral for bones and its deficiency which is commonly found in women especially after menopause leads to a wide varieties of arthritis. Degradation of cartilage is like a natural phenomenon resulting in pain and swelling. Of course there are ways to reduces the chances of such severe diseases by taking preventive prophylactic care. There are risk factors leading to arthritis pain in knee,arthritis pain hands,arthritis pain in back and hip,can be taken care of.




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