Yoga…The Eternal Sublime Balance

benefits of yoga for joint pain

The power and magic of procreation created the human body and blessed it with flesh, countless cells, innumerable muscles and intricate mechanisms. But it also gave the body a soul and ordained that a balance needs to be established between the flesh and the soul and Yoga derived from the word “ yoke”, which establishes a union between the self and the spirit is that perfect balance!!

Yoga is Perfection in Action.

Benefits of Yoga pose

Is Yoga simply an exercise? No…. Yoga is much above the physical. It is metaphysical as  it explores the consciousness of the human mind and   transcends to become spiritual. Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline and  harmonies consciousness, the body and  soul.

Age Old 

Knowledge in its various forms has been captured in the books of eternal wisdom in century over century old books, such as  the Vedas, Upanishads, Smritis, and Panini Epics. This is India’s contribution to the World  and undeniably acknowledged

Yoga, with its various forms and commentaries figure in these priceless books.

Forms of Yoga

benefits of yoga for flexibility

Yoga exists  in various forms such as the Hatha Yoga, which focuses on the system of body postures. This is a present  day imperative, gaining  sharp attention, as maintaining a good body acquires primacy.


The Raja Yoga, which teaches the art of meditation. Essentially through meditation fostered by Yoga and  various other techniques, self-realization has to dawn and if possible, be  achieved, which  is the ultimate objective.

Other  types of Yoga are Vinasaya, Bikram and Kundalini Yoga. The highest examples of human knowledge and good judgement exist in Gyan, Bhakti and Karma Yoga .

Benefits of Yoga for Flexibility

Comprehensive and holistic since they manifest at all levels, mental, spiritual  and physical.

Mentally : Yoga de-stresses. It imparts, the art of deep breathing, which  suggests breathing in of all good thoughts and banishing bad thoughts and with each breath being exhaled. Through meditation, thoughts, as practised through Yoga, are controlled enabling the mind to RELAX.

Spiritual: aspect of this discipline facilitates, shedding of negative thoughts, such as  feeling of anger, resentment, anxiety and depression.  Forces work in unison to awaken the energy within and a rise in the serotonin levels has been observed.

On the  Physical plane, Yoga helps build stamina and immunity, co-ordinate muscle  alignment, control heart rate,  improve breathing, positively impact the digestive system, increase flexibility in body, impart bone strength and build muscle  strength.


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