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Passed out at night. The leg arches involuntarily and a sharp searing pain in the calves, like a sudden spasm, hits the body forcing it to jump out of the bed. The leg is straightened and the leg pain goes away within seconds. This is a typical night time muscle leg cramp.

Hence most cramps resolve by themselves. Persistently long cramps signal investigation.

What are Cramps and their Causes

Cramps are involuntary muscle contractions caused essentially, by a calcium imbalance. The brain generates active potentials called waves. When triggered, these waves enter the calcium storage cells called Sarcoplasmic Reticula (SR) ejecting the calcium from the storage cell. At this point, the muscle contracts, causing cramps.

But the human body, blessed with its defence mechanism launches a kind of rear-guard action halting the active potentials, thereby stemming the calcium outflow from SR, to ease  the muscle under siege. The muscle with this assistance  now relaxes.

However, low sodium, low potassium, or low magnesium cause skeletal muscle cramps.

Electrolyte disturbances caused by fluid outflow from sweating during exercise   also result in cramps which  have also  known  to be caused by spinal nerve compression, pregnancy, renal issues, thyroid,recreational running, weight training, fatigue and alcoholism.

Other significant parts of the body under “cramp-attack” are abdominal walls, arms and hands.

What to do for Cramps

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Dietary habits rule. Proper food such as bananas, citrus and dry fruits, leafy vegetables, fish, yogurt, seeds, milk , potato, pumpkin score. Calcium, sodium, potassium supplements make a mark.

Remain hydrated and understand your body to identify cramp-triggers .

Hot cloth, heating pads, massage and gentle stretching aid in mitigating the situation.
On the flip side, cold cloths and ice –packs also find recommendation.

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