Underrated Hepatitis-C: An Overview

Hepatitis-C, Hepatitis-C Virus

Evolutionarily designed to not only aid in the digestion process, this indispensable organ called Liver also helps in the breakdown of insulin and various other hormones.  While mostly liver is associated with digestion yet one of its most important functions is mostly overlooked and that is its ability to act as a toxins filter.  This ability to remove harmful toxins from being circulated within the human body enables us to be free from side-effects of a variety of medicines. As robust and resilient the liver might seem to be, yet there are a host of medical conditions that can not only harm this extremely vital organ but can even lead to its complete destruction, leading to human fatality.  One such disease that remains dormant for years inside the human system and then strikes the liver at its own will with unparalleled ferocity is Hepatitis-C virus (HCV). Widely abbreviated as Hep-C virus, this medical condition is classified as a liver disease that possesses some of the sneakiest of all liver disease symptoms.  Caused by the Virus C, this illness is known to be highly dormant in nature. An afflicted individual can be infected by Hep-C for years and not show any symptoms of the same. However, once the infection takes control, it immediately attacks the liver and in more critical cases, eventually lead to the cirrhosis phase that entails complete liver failure.

Hepatitis Transmission Vectors:

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As with numerous other viral infections, Hep-C is also known to follow similar transmission vectors, wherein transfusions and intravenous drug usage are some of the most common roads to HCV Virus. Below mentioned are the elaborated structures of some of these hepatitis transmission methodologies.

  • Intravenous Drug Use

Across the globe, millions of individuals engaged in the highly risky act of intravenous drug use (IDU) are considered to be the most susceptible to Hep-C infection. This particular pattern of transmission is further enhanced by the use of non-sterilized and repeated use of needles and injections that are shared by multiple drug users.

  • Unsafe Transplants & Transfusions

As per numerous surveys and studies, a number of hospitals around the globe have been observed practising unsafe transplant and transfusion practices, thereby greatly increasing the risks of Hepatitis-C infection and proliferation. While, HCV test is highly recommended before any transplant procedure, yet many medical institutions have been found to have completely bypassed the crucial HCV tests to cut costs. Furthermore, a multitude of additional factors has been known to be critical towards the spread of Hep-C. These include unsterilized surgical equipment,  reuse of needles and multiple uses of infusion bags.

  • Social Trends

Yet another means of Hep-C proliferation is the highly popular urban trend of tattooing. One of the reasons that tattoos are considered to be high-risk Hep-C transmission vectors is due to the use of unsterilized needles and equipment.  Furthermore, the use of unsafe equipment has primarily been observed in non-licensed tattoo parlors and numerous prisons.

Hepatitis Prevention & Management:

The rapid progression of Hepatitis-C virus has for years sent researchers and scientists into a tizzy, in an effort to devise an effective cure/vaccine for the same.  However, as there’s been little to no success in a sure-shot vaccine formulation till date, hence, prevention and management of the infection are the only means to combat Hep-C. There are numerous medicines available that not only help in abating the symptoms but also assist greatly in minimizing the effects of the virus.


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One such natural supplement for liver disease is, Liverubin. Engineered using cutting-edge PhytoAdvance technology,  this herbal medicine for liver disease is infused with water-soluble silymarin (Milk Thistle), offering a great deal of relief in alcohol liver disease and mild temporary hepatic failure (MTHF). Furthermore, with hepato-protective and anti-fibrotic properties, Liverubin has been clinically proven to be an effective tool against Hepatitis-C and liver fibrosis. In elevated cases, this Phytoceuticals for liver disease enables regeneration of liver cells and successfully aids in the management of acute and chronic viral hepatitis.

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