Does Anxiety cause Osteoporosis?

does stress hurt your bones

Have you ever seen somebody deep in thought, with furrows on the forehead, unmindful of the surroundings, talking to himself, probably seeking answers to the thoughts running riot in his mind.

It could well be anxiety which is a state of mind, where excessive thoughts and persistent worry has taken charge.

The manifestation could be on account of several factors such as panic triggered by some fear at random or it could be a manifestation of some social phobia, where the fear of being judged by others and the external stimuli has become overpowering.

Women or Men…Who are at Greater Risk for Osteoporosis?

Empirical findings, however point undeniably to one fact. Women stand at much greater risk of getting Osteoporosis than men. Why?

In their case it could well be a function of work-related stress , mostly on account of daily unrelenting house-hold chores or sexist overtones at the fear of being constantly  being judged and remaining under the scanner.

Other reasons could be hormonal imbalance caused by menstrual changes, pregnancy, perimenopause, thyroid dysfunction, birth control pills, obesity or food consumption of non-organic animal products. All these impact the neuro-transmitted excitatory impulses, which by its very  name suggests  excitement, stress leading to anxiety.

A drop in the Estrogen levels which monitor the women’s reproductive cycle and keeps the bones strong and intact is yet another reason for osteoporosis. The outcome is that the  bones  become fragile and brittle  and a depletion in the bone density becomes the cause-in-chief for  fractures. Of the estimated 200 million cases of osteoporosis reported world-wide, a very large number consists of women, as men get the benefit from the presence of serotonin.

What to do for OSTEOPOROSIS?

Plenty. Start sharing with people you trust. Keep controlling factors such as those who undermine your status  and damage your self respect out of your life.  Sleep well and balance the diet. Counselling from professionals may be approached with an open mind, without inhibitions.

Does Vitamin D help in OSTEOPOROSIS?

Does Vitamin D help in OSTEOPOROSIS?

There is a stress hormone called cortisol, which gets mitigated by Vitamin D. That could be well the perceivable direct connection. Regardless, Vitamin D deficiency is not desirable as it exemplifies  a negation of some very important factors. Vitamin D  emphatically promotes out- door activity, walking and exercising.  Spending quality time with nature, another source of Vitamin D, combined with the above, operate as a stress-relievers marginalising anxiety.

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