Can Calcium supplement cause Constipation? The Double “C” Effect

Calcium supplements can cause constipation

Why do we need Calcium?

Calcium is needed by  the body is a truism. Doctors prescribe, patients follow. Calcium is required for bones , as almost 1% of the bone strength is lost or depletes  after 35-40 years and  therefore,   in take of calcium  lowers  the risk of osteoporosis compelling consumption. It is needed for the heart and muscles. Calcium deficiency may stunt growth and full potential height may become a distant dream. Low bone mass on account of lack of calcium   may create its own set of issues and endocrine processes may get adversely affected.  Among other significant physiological benefits, calcium helps in regulating   blood pressure and  aids  the nervous system.

Relation between Calcium and Constipation

Yet calcium triggers constipation, a gastro-intestinal health condition ,most definitely foul and undesirable. Here , what is good for the geese is good for the gander does not work, as each body is constituted differently and therefore behaves in its own, sometimes defined and sometimes undefined pattern  with reference to calcium absorption.

The  issue of calcium engineered constipation, appears to be a struggle for supremacy between calcium, water, sodium and the function of the kidneys. The kidneys, as most of us would be aware, among numerous other functions, regulate the flow of water and sodium. The equation thus boils down to “ water out-sodium out and as a consequence thereof  salt out”.  But salt is needed by the body. Now when calcium enters the body , it goes into a conflict with sodium, preventing salt re-absorption.  Water goes  out of the system. Stools  become hard and constipation takes over.

How to tackle the ‘DOUBLE C EFFECT’?

Double C Effect - calcium supplements and constipation

Take vitamin D for calcium absorption. Magnesium is another alternative ,as it is friendly  with the intestinal muscles. Dietary habits should gravitate to high fibre  and rich-in-calcium-content foods  such as spinach, greens, yogurt, broccoli ,oranges etc. Carbonated drinks, alcohol, processed or deep fried foods, without much fuss, should figure prominently on the negative list. Doctor’s advice is recommended, as  calcium dosages and frequency via tablets need moderation and calibration. Research also suggests that a calcium intake in the synthetic form may follow an “ on-off-on” pattern pointing to a temporary respite from persistent use.

As an offered solution to this calcium vs constipation debate, Alchem Life has produced CalQuest, a natural health solution which is non-constipating. The product comes as a natural bone strength supplement for bone health for post-menopausal women, deriving strength and credence  from 73 organic minerals and coral calcium on which it is based.

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