The Menopause Menace: the effects of menopause on your bone density.

Effects of Menopause on your Bone Density

Menopause is something every woman has to go through, and unfortunately, peri menopause and post menopause decline in bone density go hand in hand. Not only does it disturb your body’s bone building process, it can cause a loss of up to 20% of bone density within 5-7 years after its onset.

 Low bone density is caused due to reduced estrogen levels in the body, which increases the risk of Osteoporosis . While ageing, the bone break down gradually starts to outpace the build up, and once the loss of bone reaches a specific point, it causes Osteoporosis. This condition causes weak bones, and increases the possibility of fractures and broken bones.

Unfortunately, low bone density isn’t the only side affect Menopause has on your bones. Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and Osteomalacia are the most commonly diagnosed conditions after the onset of Menopause.

 While there’s no specific way to halt bone loss, there is a lot you can do to maintain your bone health as you get older.

A balanced diet that have calcium rich foods and vitamin D, found in breakfast cereals, fish/eggs and consisting of green leafy vegetables, will help ease the side effects of menopausal symptoms. For further dietary information, click here

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If you are a smoker, now is a great time to quit! Smoking directly affects bone health; it also increases the risk of heart disease, cancer and many other life threatening diseases.

 Most importantly, you need to stay active; resistance exercises are key and can really help improve general bone health.

Taking natural supplements can significantly help with bone health. Once such bone calcium supplement is CalQuest which has been developed by Alchem Life’s proprietary PhytoAdvance technology. CalQuest helps improve bone health by using the synergistic power of Coral Calcium, natural Calcitriol, Boron and Soya Isoflavones. Research studies show that this natural supplement helps in improving bone mass, maintaining & rebuilding healthy bones and restoring menopausal hormonal imbalances.

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Natural Bone Care for Peri and Post-Menopausal Women
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