4 ways for Influenza Prevention and Practicing Good Hygiene

influenza prevention

Influenza, also known as the Flu, targets more than half the world’s population every year. The influenza virus usually causes the disease, and its symptoms determine its duration and nature. The influenza virus initially and primarily targets the upper respiratory system, blocking the nasal and chest cavities, leading to symptoms such as cough, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, fever, fatigue, chills and body aches. Prolonged Influenza symptoms can lead to severe consequences like pneumonia or worsening chronic conditions like asthma.

Adopting good hygiene practices and making them part of your lifestyle are one of the best ways for influenza prevention and control.

4 Personal Hygiene Measures to Prevent Influenza (Flu)

1.Avoid Close Contact

It’s wise to avoid close contact with people who are sick, or when you are sick, to prevent spreading the virus. Also avoid sharing cups or utensils and stay home when you experience flu symptoms.

2.Cover Your Mouth and Nose

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Always carry a tissue and cover your nose and mouth before coughing and sneezing, thus avoiding the risk of spreading the infection to others. Remember to through the tissue after use and wash your hands.


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As it turns out, the best way to prevent infection from spreading is by washing your hands regularly and properly. CDC advises that you should wash your hands especially after using the toilet, handling trash, taking care of someone who is sick, a wound or cut, after changing diapers or after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. It is imperative to be conscientious to wash your hands before eating and avoid touching your face.

4.Clean your cell-phone

It is known fact that cellphones have more bacteria than a toilet seats. Use wipes to clean your mobile regularly as they can spread germs to your hands and in turn to your face while you use it.

Bad habits are hard to break and by being conscientious about practicing good hygiene will help you stay naturally healthy.

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