Common Cold or the Flu? Know How To Know!


One day you’re feeling fine and suddenly the next day you feel a lump in your throat. Its painful to swallow, your nose is blocked and your throat is itchy. Is it a cold or the flu? It’s important to know the difference between a common cold and flu symptoms better to monitor your symptoms so you can treat cold or flu effectively.

Both the Common Cold and the Flu (influenza) are respiratory illnesses but are caused by different viruses. In general flu is worse than a cold but certain symptoms may overlap leaving you miserable.

The Common Cold is, as per its name, a common contagious disease. It sets in with irritation in the nasal cavity, further going down your throat. Cold symptoms begin with congestion in the respiratory system, and you can identify them easily.

The Flu, transcends them into wider target areas in the human body, and develops gradually. The basic difference between a common cold and the flu, is the severity and duration of the symptoms. Keep a check on your symptoms to best know how to treat them.

Symptoms of the Common Cold

  1. Irritation in the nose –A runny or stuffy nose, constant sneezing and/or blockage
  2. Irritation in the throat – Dry, scratchy, sore throat, throat pain, persistent, hacking cough. This happens in the first two days after contracting a cold.
  3. Mild headaches, body aches and tiredness follows leading to lethargy and uneasiness.

Symptoms of Flu


You may experience the same symptoms as that of a common cold, followed by these:

  1. Fever,body chills and aches – Fluctuation in body temperature, muscle and joint pain accompanied by severe aches all over are common.
  2. Nausea – Occasionally can be accompanied by vomiting mainly in children
  3. Gastrointestinal Issues – In extremely severe cases, especially in the elderly, who might already have diseases like asthma or tuberculosis, the patient might develop acute disturbances in the digestive system.

As you can see, while common cold symptoms last for a few days and gradually show an improvement in health, Flu symptoms can last for few days to few weeks and can result in serious health problem like pneumonia. Post a week of visible symptoms of either the cold or the Flu, you should consult a doctor and take proper medication immediately for speedy flu recovery.

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