Suffering from Wet Cough or Dry Cough? Here’s all you need to know what your cough symptoms say about your respiratory health


The changing season, among its various joys, also sometimes brings out the ever-frustrating cough. Though common and seemingly innocuous, cough can be a warning sign, typically for diseases of the respiratory system. Here is a guide to the various types of coughs.

Wet Cough

Wet cough or productive cough is commonly caused by cold, flu, asthma, pneumonia, acute bronchitis and typically brings up mucus. It is accompanied by symptoms such as runny nose, fatigue, postnasal drip. Acute wet cough usually lasts less than 3 weeks while chronic lasts over 8 weeks. Remedies for a wet cough include consuming honey, warm fluids, steam inhalation and herbal solutions such as natural sugar-free lozenges Phytorelief-CC. For bouts longer than 3 weeks, antibiotics may be required.

Dry Cough

Dry cough or non-productive cough is mucus-less or no phlegm/sputum cough triggered by a sore or tickling sensation in the throat. It is caused by viral illnesses such as cold and flu (influenza), allergies or throat irritants like smoke, pollution etc. Dry Cough usually lasts up to 2 weeks mostly clearly up by 3 weeks. A cough over 8 weeks is described as a persistent cough. Various home remedies that help soothe the throat and relieve the triggers could provide relief. These include honey, drinking plenty of liquids, gargling with salt water or steam inhalation. Other short-term therapy include cough suppressants, vit C or Phytorelief-CC to name a few. AlchemLife Phytorelief-CC is a clinically proven sugar-free lozenge, with plant actives of turmeric, ginger and pomegranate, for natural cough relief. It reduces symptoms of cold and cough while work to boost the immune system.

Whooping Cough 

A whooping cough (Pertussis) is caused by bacterial infection. It sounds like a severe hacking cough accompanied by a sharp ‘whooping’ sound as you intake your breath and throat pain. Telltale symptoms of whooping cough include the usual influenza symptoms and a hacking so intense that you may want to throw up or turn red while coughing. It needs to be treated with antibiotics.

Croup Cough

Croup is an upper respiratory viral infection that lasts from 5-7 days. It is contagious especially during the first few days and children upto age 5 are most at risk. It is characterized by high-pitched sounds like a barking seal while breathing in and the condition causes swelling around the vocal cords, heavy breathing, hoarse voice and could be accompanied by high fever. Mild cases of croup can be treated with home remedies like cool mist humidifiers, cough medicines and supplements which relieve pain and soothe the throat while in case of severe cases doctor visit might be warranted 

A cough isn’t always serious, and can usually be treated with proper care. However, it is advisable to see a doctor, if you have a persistent cough for 3 weeks or more, wheezing and breathing difficulties, fever higher than 100 degrees, thick phlegm or blood discharge, accompanying heartburn or severe diarrhoea.

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