Testimonials from people taking Flexiqule.

Your Natural Joint Supplement


I have been taking these for the last 14 days and have noticed a vast improvement in both my mobility and pain levels. I was having serious trouble with both my hips and knees due to years of playing football but after taking these I noticed I could also have a good night’s sleep as the pain was reduced

It took a week or two before I noticed a difference, but then gradually my joint pain, stiffness and mobility have improved significantly. Went to an annual dinner dance and was able to dance the night away without the usual pain and discomfort both on the night and the following day!

Getting up first thing in the morning was awful as it took me ages to get my joints moving. Now after using FlexiQule for 30 days I seem to be much more supple. Getting up and moving about is nowhere near as painful as it used to be for me.

Would highly recommend! ” “I have taken the product for a month now and I have noticed the difference in using this product – it’s not only natural but a product that I believed worked for me.

After taking the capsules for a month my joints have improved immensely. Pain is reduced, my mobility has improved and I feel a lot stronger during activity.

I tried this product and after a month’s trial, I found I was not experiencing pain in my joints, my knees were much more flexible and I was surprised at how active I became. Best of all I can now ride my horse again without any pain and can actually mount her easily….getting my foot into the stirrups is much easier. I am glad I found this natural supplement.

I was surprised at how quickly these worked, I noticed a difference to the pain and stiffness in my knees within 7 days. By week two I was able to bend and kneel on the ground without needing to put one hand down on the floor to take the pressure of my joints first!

After only 30 days my activity improved, I feel less pain and definitely more flexibility in my knees and fingers. I would continue to take these as I am much happier being able to do more in my life without the hinderance from my joints. Would certainly recommend for anyone with joint stiffness.

When I first started taking FlexiQule I was unsure if they would actually work or just be like other joint capsules. As I suffer from pain and stiffness in my knees and sometimes find it difficult to do everyday tasks I thought they would be worth trying… After taking one tablet twice a day for 30 days I found I could do twice the amount of things I could not do before I could walk the dogs further, stand for longer I was taking my pain relief tablets less and generally felt fitter and healthier.

Was quite sceptical about this product before I started using it, now that I have used it for 30 days I am really happy with the results. I get stiffness in my fingers and knees but since I started taking FlexiQule™ they have improved so much. When I get up in the morning my fingers and knees feel so much better.