Helps your body fight joint pain and stiffness, naturally

This Phytoceutical (plant derived cure with clinically tested efficacy and safety) treats joint pain and stiffness, improves joint mobility and prevents progression of arthritis.

The Phyto-actives® of Boswellia & Ginger in FlexiquleTM promote painless movement of joints by inhibiting the formation of enzymes responsible for cartilage degeneration and inflammation.

FlexiquleTM is natural, scientifically developed, clinically tested and has no side effects.

FlexiQule<sup>TM</sup> Natural Oil Rub

Phyto-actives®. The secret to superior efficacy

In any medicinal plant just a few of its actives actually have the power to cure. These are called Phyto-actives®—the key ingredients in our Phytoceuticals.

FlexiquleTM contains a clinically tested combination of the powerful Phyto-actives® of Boswellia Serrata & Ginger.

Boswellic acids from Boswellia have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that inhibit the cartilage degenerative enzymes called MMP found in joints, arresting progressive degeneration. Gingerols from Ginger have pain relieving, anti-inflammatory properties that relieve joint pain.

FlexiQule<sup>TM</sup> Natural Oil Rub

AlchemLife’s Phytoceuticals, the latest generation of plant derived treatments

AlchemLife’s Phytoceuticals blend traditional medicinal knowledge with the modern science of Phytotherapy

All our Phytoceuticals have clinically tested efficacy and are safe for long term use. They contain Phyto-actives® and are developed using our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology which is the result of Alchem’s over 75+ years of experience in extracting critical plant derived pharmaceutical ingredients.

FlexiQule<sup>TM</sup> Natural Oil Rub

Usage and dosage

Take it when you experience the first symptoms of joint stiffness, pain or arthritis.

Recommended dosage is 2-3 capsules per day, after meals, preferably with milk.

FlexiQule<sup>TM</sup> Natural Oil Rub

FlexiQuleTM Natural Oil Rub

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