Struggling With Pain In The Fingers And Shoulders? Your Joints Might Be The Problem

Arthritis in your joints can affect just about every part of your body, but few people expect to feel so much discomfort in their fingers and shoulders. However, fingers and shoulders are some of the most used joints in the human body, meaning that they tend to be the first places where arthritis becomes pronounced. In fact, pain in the finger joints is considered to be an initial symptom of arthritis, though it often goes undiagnosed until it spreads to the elbows or knees.

The causes of joint pain

Chronic joint pain is often caused by osteoarthritis, or the disintegrating of the cartilage between joints. This leads to irritation, inflammation and pain during movement, which creates a vicious cycle where the immune system goes into overdrive and inevitably produces more pain and swelling. Without treatment, osteoarthritis can spread from the fingers to the elbows, shoulders and other joints to compromise mobility throughout the body.

Knowing when joint pain is osteoarthritis

It’s often difficult to know when nagging joint pain is a symptom of arthritis or simply a sports injury like tendinitis. Tendinitis is a condition caused by injuries that affects soft tissues to create inflammation, often around the elbow and shoulder joints. While it’s easy to confuse the symptoms of tendinitis with arthritis, the difference comes from the origin of the inflammation. Arthritis is caused specifically by joint inflammation and is impossible to completely cure, while tendinitis is caused by inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding a joint and goes away in time.

Diagnosis osteoarthritis

Though there are over thirty conditions associated with joint pain in the elbow, wrist and fingers, there isn’t a test that can accurately confirm which one you have. Instead, your medical history and a clinical exam will help your doctor make a diagnosis.


Because osteoarthritis often begins in the hands, struggling to use your fingers correctly or feeling pain in them is a classic indicator of the condition. While there isn’t a cure for osteoarthritis, it’s possible to manage the condition by making diet and lifestyle changes that prevent it from spreading faster. Today, high quality supplements are helping people be proactive about their arthritis and are preventing them from experiencing the most painful symptoms.

Treatment options

If you think that the pain in your shoulders, elbows or fingers is caused by arthritis, you don’t need to suffer in silence. There are plenty of ways to treat arthritis, including natural supplements with inflammation-reducing properties like boswellia extract. To learn more about these supplements and the difference they can make for you, read more here (