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Why do people get stiff joints? Joint Health Supplements Can Help

Our joints can ache and get stiff for a variety of reasons, especially as we age. It is helpful to know and understand the range of conditions that can cause painful joints, in order to get the correc...
Dr looking for ear infection

Why do ear infections often occur with a cold or the flu?

The common cold and the Flu are responsible for many symptoms, like a cough, sore throat and stuffy nose. However, it is less widely known that ear pain can often accompany the Flu and colds. It is im...
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Can Alcohol Contribute to Joint Pain?

When enduring the discomfort of arthritis, anything that can reduce the unpleasantness of joint pain should be considered. However, it has become a common trend for sufferers to use alcohol as a way o...
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When is it OK to visit your doctor with a common cold?

We've been told often enough that visiting the doctor with a common cold, is not only a waste of time, but there are no medications or antibiotics that they can prescribe, because it's a virus and it ...
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Old Wive’s Tale – Cold & Flu Prevention – Fact or Fiction?

There are plenty of old wives' tales which have dictated how we look after ourselves during the cold and Flu season, but how many are actually true and which ones are not based in reality? Starve a...
Pelvic Tilt Exercise

6 Exercises That Can Help Relieve Back or Hip Joint Pain

Exercising may not be the first thought that comes to mind when attempting to relieve joint pain. However, along with natural supplements to ease sore joints, it has been found that there are specific...
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Flu Symptoms – Why Does Stomach Flu Cause Your Joints and Muscles to Ache?

Contracting the Flu means going through some of the most unpleasant symptoms, while the virus works its way through the body. Along with most viruses, the symptoms can last for up to a week before it ...
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Sore Throat – Is it the Start of a Cold or Something Else?

Having a sore throat can make you feel awful, especially if it is painful and lasting longer than a couple of days. It can be an indicator that a virus has penetrated the system, or it could be a bact...
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50,000 Year Old Knee Joints – Better or Worse?

Osteoarthritis of the knees has become a worldwide issue for many people, especially as they get older.  You might think that Osteoarthritis would have been worse years ago, due to lack of knowledge ...
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What can I do naturally to prevent catching a common cold or flu?

Catching a cold or the Flu seems almost inevitable during the winter season, but there are many ways to avoid contracting these viruses. You don't need to hide away from the rest of society for months...
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Who Shouldn’t Take Joint Support Supplements?

Joint food supplements can be helpful to anyone suffering from aching and sore joints, enabling them to live life to the full. However, there is a section of people who should not take such supplement...
Healthy Food at Work

Supplements to Help Prevent Cold & Flu – A Closer Look

In today's society, it is difficult to avoid being around people who have unwittingly contracted a cold or Flu virus. However, by eating a healthy diet and supplementing wisely, we can work to prevent...
Doctor and patient

Flu Relief for the Elderly

The Flu is a virus that is not necessarily a severe threat to everyone that catches it. However, for the elderly, this particular virus could be a potential risk to life. Complications can set in and ...
Yoga exercise to help with shoulder pain

Aching Shoulder? What Can You Do To Get Relief?

Many of the joints can begin to ache as we age, with the most common being the knees, hips and hands. One of the joints which is not as common is the shoulder joint. Often, it's because of certain act...
Cloudy weather

How Does the Weather Give Us Symptoms of a Cough and Cold?

It has always been said that the winter is the season of the Flu, coughs and colds; but is this really the case, or is it a coincidence that we pick up certain viruses at this time of year? Could it b...

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