Can you really prevent the Flu? Natural Prevention Alternatives

Ginger root and ginger tea

When winter comes around, thoughts turn to shorter days, long, colder nights and for many it’s that dreaded time of year when the Flu starts doing the rounds.  For the elderly, very young and those with impaired immune systems, the Flu can be deadly, so isn’t it about time we looked at Flu prevention, rather than attempting to abate the chronic symptoms once they have taken hold?

Is It Possible to Prevent the Flu?

The Influenza vaccine has been made available to the public for many years, after being developed in 1936, with varying degrees of success. Some people believe it has definitely prevented them from getting the Flu, while others feel that they have incurred symptoms from the shot itself.

Historic Flu Prevention and Relief

Historically, there have been many Flu epidemics across the world, which have caused thousands of deaths. Back in 1918, over 50 million died from a Flu pandemic. Many were treated with aspirin or the alternative at the time, homeopathic medicine, which appeared to alleviate symptoms and prevent the Flu from taking hold.

Many forms of relief have been developed, from tablets and drinks containing paracetamol, to lozenges to ease sore throats and sprays to decongest the nose. Although these products may relieve some of the symptoms, the body is still left to fight the Flu virus until it has finally passed through the system. Flu prevention appears to have been overlooked, is there a possibility that we can prevent contracting the Flu naturally?

Natural Flu Prevention

The Flu is a respiratory virus, which is highly contagious. The only sure-fire way of not contracting it, is to stay away from other people who have it! Obviously, this is not a realistic alternative, so the only other option is to ensure that the immune system is boosted to a point where it can fight off the Flu virus by itself.

There are a number of ways in which you can boost your immune system:

  • Healing the Gut – Most people don’t realise that 80% of the immune system is found in the stomach! By taking a multi-strain probiotic with plenty of good bacteria, the gut is able to fight off many infections, including the Flu.
  • Reducing Sugar & Alcohol – Sugar suppresses the immune system, leaving the body open to many illnesses and alcohol affects the nervous system, which in turn subdues the immune system. Both are Flu’s best friend!
  • Reducing Stress – By taking up meditation, yoga and other calming activities, the body is able to find relief from stress, which greatly affects the immune system.
  • Sleeping for 7-9 hours – The immune system depletes rapidly when you don’t get enough sleep. Try to aim for a regular 7-9 hours every night to boost your system.
  • Regular Exercise – Exercise not only relieves stress, it increases circulation, which in turn allows antibodies to vacate the bloodstream faster, giving your immune system the chance to fight off infection easily.

Natural Alternatives

There are a number of natural supplements that can help to boost the immune system and thereby help with natural Flu prevention:

  • Zinc – A powerful antioxidant, proven to boost an ailing immune system
  • Vitamin D – A potent immune system modulator, excellent for fighting infection
  • Turmeric – A high-strength antioxidant, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, improving joint health and cardiovascular function
  • Glutathione – The primary antioxidant in the body, it strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the liver
  • Vitamin C – A strong antioxidant, supports and enables the immune system to function at an optimal level

Ginger root and ginger tea

By following the advice on how to boost the immune system, we stand a better chance of warding off the Flu virus when we come into contact with it. This is possibly a better alternative than contracting Flu and having to deal with the debilitating symptoms for days on end. By boosting your immune system, you will also enjoy improved health by avoiding other viruses too!