What can I do naturally to prevent catching a common cold or flu?

Catching a cold or the Flu seems almost inevitable during the winter season, but there are many ways to avoid contracting these viruses. You don’t need to hide away from the rest of society for months, there are many steps that you can take to fend off the germs and remain well, when everyone else is coughing and sneezing!


When the common cold and the Flu are at their most prevalent during the winter months, it is also the time of year when we take advantage of Christmas cheer and drink alcohol to excess. Younger people in the 18-25 year age group are most often affected, due to the partying culture. Unfortunately, this is not the wisest choice because of the way in which alcohol affects the immune system. It changes the molecules and cells in the body which prevents us from being able to fight off infections, making it easier for the Flu or a cold to take a hold.

By streamlining your drinking and dare we say – not drinking at all, it could be the best way to escape the evil clutches of harmful viruses. To aid natural cold and Flu relief, it is better to drink water to help flush out any viruses that might be lurking.


Along with overloading our system with alcohol, eating too much comfort food, rich and high in calories will also take its toll on the immune system. Foods which contain a large amount of fat and sugar will deplete the immune system’s ability to fight off infection, so all of the party food which tends to be heavily laden with those ingredients will not only make you feel bloated and tired, but your immunity will be compromised. The digestive system will be working twice as hard to digest the food, leaving your system weaker and less able to ward off viruses.

Try to eat as much fresh food as possible, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, lean chicken and fish. These types of foods will boost your immunity and provide natural cold and Flu relief by giving the system what it needs to combat infection when it occurs.


It is important at any age to keep fit through exercise, but more so for the elderly, when trying to keep the cold and Flu viruses at bay. After the age of 65, the immune system becomes less efficient in fighting off viruses, so it is imperative that the elderly keep themselves fit and active to boost their immunity. Always be aware of your limitations, but any exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga, golf and even gardening can get your heart pumping and raise your fitness levels.

Exercise is important at any age, to ensure that our bodies are kept as fit as possible, ready to fight colds and the Flu when necessary. This is especially true for those in their thirties, forties and fifties, who work in sedentary jobs; at a desk, on a computer and even those who drive for a living. The lack of exercise increases weight and depletes mobility of the joints, neither of which is healthy or helps to raise immunity levels. Exercise is one of the best natural cold and Flu relief medicines there is.

Couple walking in snow

By looking at your lifestyle, diet and fitness routines, it is possible to avoid contracting viruses and feel so much better on a daily basis. Boost your immunity and you might have a winter, which is cough and sneeze free!