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As we age, the joints in our body can become stiff and sore due to the amount of wear and tear they receive. Although there are painkillers and other remedies, which the doctor can prescribe, more often than not, these are a short-term solutions, simply warding off pain for a few hours. At Alchemlife, we have produced a superior-quality supplement, which can ease suffering every day, without the use of artificial chemicals or the worry of becoming addicted to high strength painkillers.

FlexiQule – Supplements for Joints

In the Human body, we have joints, which help us to live an active life. The hip and knee joints allow us to walk, run and bend; our shoulder and elbow joints enable us to reach, stretch and hold. Smaller joints such as the wrists, ankles, fingers and toes give us the ability to carry out finer motor skills, which are needed when eating, writing, typing and grasping. When any of these joints begin to wear out, they can cause considerable pain and ordinary, everyday tasks become difficult.

AlchemLife developed FlexiQule to support all of the joints in the body. Research tells us that the most common form of arthritis is in the hip and knee joints. By following a good diet, carrying out specific gentle exercise and taking our FlexiQule supplement, your aching joints can feel relief. Included in our supplement are the ingredients Ginger and Boswellia, two of the best anti-inflammatories of the natural world.


Also known as Indian Frankincense, Boswellia has been used for treating joint and arthritis pain with much success. Its anti-inflammatory qualities relieve pain and ease stiffness and it has been compared to NSAID pain relief because of its ability to do the same job.

Boswellia plant


As well as being a delicious ingredient in many recipes, Ginger is a super spice, which not only alleviates nausea and indigestion, it can also have a huge impact on soothing inflammation in the joints. Its natural painkilling ability, proven by scientists, is on a par with Ibuprofen and it can greatly increase mobility.

Ginger root and powder

Reach Your Full Potential

Any supplement or medicine takes time to work its way through the body, until it can reach the area where the benefits can be felt. With FlexiQule, the body can integrate Ginger and Boswellia into its system, where the ingredients can penetrate the joints. This is not just about taking a daily supplement – by allowing your body to receive the combined benefits of both ingredients on a daily basis, the joints are able to maintain a regular state of calm, due to the natural anti-inflammatory elements within the supplement. By incorporating FlexiQule into your daily routine, your body has the chance to use all of the healing properties of Ginger and Boswellia, resulting in a happier, pain-free, active life.