Health Benefits Of Boswellia

boswellia serrata

Who says joint pain needs to be a fact of life?

If your knees are bothering you, it’s not always necessary to turn to unpleasant medication for relief. Natural remedies have relieved the discomfort of arthritis for thousands of years and boswellia serrate could be the top secret weapon that can restore you to normal without negative side effects.

What is Boswellia?

As a small tree native to Northern Africa, boswellia plants produce a gummy resin that has long been valued as an ingredient in frankincense and for its anti-inflammatory benefits that can reduce joint pain.


Boswellia extract is a natural arthritis treatment that works to combat inflammation, asthma, urinary disorders and diarrhoea. In fact, boswellia extract is considered, in many traditional medicinal systems, to have just as many benefits for joints as NSAID pain relievers like Ibuprofen and aspirin.

Health Benefits Boswellia

Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, boswellia is a side effect-free treatment for inflammation, asthma, joint pain. Because of its ability to shut down overreactions in the immune system, the benefits of boswellia means it has potential to help fight pain caused by inflammation.

Inflammation is your body’s way of letting you know when there is a problem. It’s an automatic stress response to irritation, injuries, infections and other immune system disorders. Some inflammation is natural and necessary, but when your body over responds, it leads to pain and other negative health effects. Boswellia extract has natural anti-inflammatory properties that prevent dangerous compounds called cytokines from forming and damaging healthy cells. Boswellic acid has been found by some studies to prevent leukotrienes from forming in the body, which are a common cause of inflammation and asthma symptoms.

The power of boswellia for reducing arthritis pain is profound. A study by from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database found that boswellia extract helps reduce pain, swelling and immobility for arthritic and osteoarthritic patients, especially in the hips and knees. Patients in this study found that their joint pain was reduced by as much as 65 percent when compared to a placebo.

By controlling how your body responds to inflammation triggers, boswellia keeps you feeling better, longer. Boswellia lowers inflammation in three main ways:

  • Slowing down your body’s response to irritation and sensitivities
  • Regulating white blood cell and T-cell behaviours
  • Controlling the production of immunoglobulin antibodies to protect the body from infections

Taking Boswellia Supplements

To experience the benefits of boswellia extract for your inflammation and joint pain, you need to take a high-quality supplement.

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