Keeping Comfortable With Arthritis Throughout The Summer

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As the temperature rises outside, so does the comfort level for those who suffer from joint pain. Arthritis is sensitive to changes in temperature, which means that sweltering weather can make it harder to live a full life if your joint health isn’t what it should be. Heat and humidity can cause joints to ache, but thankfully there is much you can do to keep your joints healthy throughout the summer. Below are some top tips for making the most of living with arthritis, no matter what the weather outside is.

Eat a Balanced Diet: When it comes to maintaining the health of your joints, a well-balanced diet is essential. It’s best to eat foods filled with vitamin D, C and K, so make sure to take advantage of the delicious variety of fruits and vegetables in the summer months.

Stay Hydrated: It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when the weather is hot, but proper hydration is essential for maintaining the cartilage between joints. Get your eight glasses in, and your knees will feel the difference.

Pouring a bottle of water into a glass

Warming Exercises: Many people forgot their workouts in hot weather, but a lack of movement will only make you stiff. Instead, head to the gym for Pilates and yoga, walk through the park or go for a swim at the beach. These gentle exercises will keep your joints warmed and pain free.

Keep Loosely Covered: Most arthritis sufferers have the worst pain when their joints are constricted, so keep them as loose as possible by wearing comfortable clothes. Cotton allows your skin to breath and won’t restrict blood flow, keeping you feeling better in the long run.

Get a Massage: It can be difficult to naturally warm your muscles when your joints are sore, but a regular massage has been found to be an effective way to reduce joint pain for lots of people.

Spend Time in Warm Water: Heated water does more than feel amazing, it also helps heal your joints from the inside out. Don’t forget the hot tub at the gym, and your joints will thank you later.

Hot, humid weather might not do your arthritis any favours, but there’s a lot you can do to prevent the weather from increasing your chronic joint pain. With the right treatment options, even those with knee and elbow pain can find ways to get outside and enjoy the season, so long as they take certain precautions for the health of their joints.