Joint Pains In Your Elbow

Elbow Joint Stiffness

The elbow is a complex hinge joint that connects the two bones in the lower arm – the radius and the ulna – with the humerus bone at the forearm. The elbow is technically made of up three separate joints that allow you to bend, straighten, and rotate the arm to varying degrees. The elbow is particularly susceptible to overuse, which can lead to a sprain or inflammation in the inner and outer parts of the elbow, a common condition for golfers and tennis players.

Elbow joint pain

Causes of elbow joint pain

The most common cause of elbow pain is overuse. Any activity that requires your elbow to repeat the same forceful motion can cause your tendons – the cord of collagen tissue that connects the muscle to the bone – to swell and become inflamed.

Common Elbow Complaints

The most common complaints about elbows are inflammation, swelling, and nerve pain caused by athletic overuse or chronic joint conditions like osteoarthritis. The elbow is a complex meeting of many muscles making it a common site for injury and an important contributor to completing everyday tasks.

Prevention of painful elbow joints

Avoiding overuse, practicing daily stretches, eating a balanced diet, and giving the body supplementary nutrients can all benefit your elbows now and in the future. Flexiqule’s unique formula can target painful elbows with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving Ginger and Boswellia extracts. When taken regularly, these powerful plants can even help refurbish torn cartilage and lubricate damaged joints.

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