Finger Joints – Stiffness & Pain

Finger Joints Stiffness Pain

Our fingers are involved in innumerable tasks we perform everyday.  Writing, typing, shaking hands, chopping vegetables –  the list is endless. The finger joints are part of a complex system of bones, tendons, and ligaments that allow us to extend and grasp. Each of our fingers is made up of three separate joints (with the exception of the thumb, which has only two). If our finger joints are sore, swollen, or stiff, it can severely impair our day-to-day life. Luckily there are simple and effective lifestyle changes you can make to keep your finger joints flexible and strong.

Causes of painful finger joints

Stiff, sore, and achy joints are most commonly caused by arthritis.  While fingers are fragile and fracture easily, fingers are also highly adept at healing from injury. On-going finger pain is most often due to the immune system attacking a joint with damaged cartilage, causing chronic inflammation.

Finger pain

Common Finger Complaints

The most common complaint about finger joints is stiffness and impaired mobility, usually caused by arthritis or other chronic joint conditions.  Inflammation causes soreness and swelling, and can sometimes make the fingers feel tender and warm to the touch.

Prevention of painful finger joints

Eating a diet rich in omega-3s and fatty acids can help curb inflammation and ease painful finger joints. Daily exercise can improve circulation and bone density, as well as lower stress levels that can make your joint pain worse.  Taking supplementary nutrients like Flexique can also help provide relief and protection.  Flexiqule’s unique formula can target finger joints with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving Ginger and Boswellia extracts, to keep all 28-finger joints flexible and strong.