Why do people get stiff joints? Joint Health Supplements Can Help

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Our joints can ache and get stiff for a variety of reasons, especially as we age. It is helpful to know and understand the range of conditions that can cause painful joints, in order to get the correct treatment. Along with over the counter medications, there are plenty of natural remedies that can help to alleviate symptoms, allowing you to remain active and live your life to the fullest.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This type of arthritis is an autoimmune condition, which causes the immune system to attack itself, causing inflammation in the joints. As the disease develops, it can cause immobility and sometimes deformity in the feet, ankles, wrists and fingers.


The main reason for Osteoarthritis is wear and tear in the joints. As we age, the cartilage that surrounds and cushions our bones erodes, which leaves the bones exposed and able to rub together; this causes the stiffness, aching and pain. The main areas that get affected, are the hips, knees, fingers and back.


This is another autoimmune condition, whereby the immune system affects the organs and tissues of the body. The condition can cause excessive fatigue and stiffness and pain in the joints. Unfortunately, Lupus can be mistaken for a number of other conditions, so others need to be ruled out before a diagnosis can be made. In its moderate state, the illness can cause damage to the lungs, kidneys, heart and also the skin.


Bursae are fluid filled sacs, which act as cushions between the bones, tendons and muscles in the body. When the bursae get infected and inflamed, they can cause the joints to become swollen, tender and painful, which is known as Bursitis. It regularly occurs in the hips, shoulders and elbows.


This is a type of arthritis, which is characterised by uric crystals forming within the joints. People who have high levels of uric acid in the blood often develop Gout and it can happen very suddenly, causing pain and swelling. It commonly occurs in the big toe.

Relieving Stiffness in the Joints

For many of these conditions, there are natural treatments that can help to alleviate the stiffness and aching in the joints:

  • Hot and cold compresses on the area of soreness – these can dampen the pain receptors and reduce inflammation and can be used as often as necessary
  • Over the counter medications – Ibuprofen and aspirin can help with the pain and soreness
  • Exercise – Specific movements can reduce stiffness and enable the joint to become mobile, check with your doctor for appropriate exercises
  • Lose weight – Too much weight will exacerbate symptoms, by losing excess pounds, you will ease the load on your joints
  • Turmeric and ginger – Both natural spices can help to reduce inflammation in the joints due to their medicinal properties. Drinking tea made with either can ease the soreness and pain
  • Epsom Salts – Taking a bath in Epsom salts has been shown to relieve joint pain, due to the magnesium sulphate contained within it
  • Boswellia – Derived from a flowering plant, Boswellia has been shown to reduce inflammation and works as an analgesic to soothe sore, aching joints
Man and Woman hiking
Man and woman hikers trekking in summer mountains. Young couple on rocky mountain range looking at beautiful view.

Always consult your doctor to determine the cause of your stiff, painful joints. There are many ways in which to alleviate your pain and continue to live a full and active life by using natural methods and keeping a positive mind.