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Old Wive’s Tale – Cold & Flu Prevention – Fact or Fiction?

There are plenty of old wives' tales which have dictated how we look after ourselves during the cold and Flu season, but how many are actually true and which ones are not based in reality? Starve a...
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What can I do naturally to prevent catching a common cold or flu?

Catching a cold or the Flu seems almost inevitable during the winter season, but there are many ways to avoid contracting these viruses. You don't need to hide away from the rest of society for months...
Healthy Food at Work

Supplements to Help Prevent Cold & Flu – A Closer Look

In today's society, it is difficult to avoid being around people who have unwittingly contracted a cold or Flu virus. However, by eating a healthy diet and supplementing wisely, we can work to prevent...
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Don’t Stress! If you want to Prevent Cold and Flu

One of the only ways to ensure cold and Flu prevention is to give your immune system all of the necessary tools it needs to fight off infection. Although there are plenty of activities you can do to b...
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Reducing Alcohol and Sugar Consumption! Help Prevent Influenza

Is it an Old Wives' tale that a tot of brandy can cure a cold? There has been much debate on the subject over the years and there are different opinions on whether reducing alcohol and sugar in the di...
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Can you really prevent the Flu? Natural Prevention Alternatives

When winter comes around, thoughts turn to shorter days, long, colder nights and for many it's that dreaded time of year when the Flu starts doing the rounds.  For the elderly, very young and those w...
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Natural Cold Prevention – Top Tips & Natural Methods

The common cold can be a debilitating virus, usually affecting the sinuses, which make up the forehead, cheeks and nose. Once a cold has taken hold, it can affect our ability to breathe and coupled wi...

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