Aching Hips or Joints – Is It My Back?

Aches and pains in the back or hips have long been a complaint from people as they grow older. However, sometimes we may not realise that although we feel pain in one area of the body, it’s actually coming from somewhere else entirely.

Woman with hip pain

When Hip Pain Comes From the Back

One of the most common causes of hip pain is Sciatica. Shooting pain in the hips, buttocks and down the back (and front) of the thigh indicates the presence of a herniated disc, which presses on the nerves in the spinal column. The pain can be made worse by sitting or bending and is often alleviated by standing and walking around.

When Groin Pain Comes From the Hips

If pain is coming from one side of your groin and is made worse by standing, walking and general activity, then this is a hip issue. The pain is felt in the groin because the hips’ joints are situated behind the groin, in close proximity to the spine. The nerves in the lumbar spine (lower back), transmits the pain to anywhere in the lower back/hip/groin area. So if you are feeling stiff, walking with a limp and are having pain worsen over time, these are all possible implications of hip arthritis.

Easing Back Pain

  • See your doctor. If the pain is intolerable, you’ll be prescribed NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs).
  • If necessary, try to lose weight. The added pressure of extra weight on your back makes the pain far worse than it needs to be. Losing weight can eliminate the need for surgery.
  • Quit smoking. Nicotine prevents the micro-circulation from working properly, leaving your spine to deteriorate at a faster rate.
  • See a Physical Therapist. They will demonstrate exercises which will strengthen back muscles, as well as manoeuvres to avoid

Easing Hip Pain

  • NSAIDs will be prescribed for painful hips by your doctor
  • Losing weight will inevitably decrease the pain felt in the hips

Ways To Help Yourself

  • A nutritious diet, including Omega 3s, Calcium and Vitamin D, for bone density and preventing any further damage to your joints
  • Gentle rotations and stretches to keep the hips and back supple and flexible
  • Take FlexiQule Natural Joint Supplements. Boswellia, (also known as Indian Frankincense) protects your system and is great for your joints (maybe even better than Ibuprofen or Aspirin!). It soothes inflammation within the body, so is one of the best natural treatments for arthritis, with far fewer side effects than other medicines. Ginger is not only a delicious spice to add to your cooking, but a valued supplement for anyone in need of calming inflammation. It is also high in antioxidants, which enables the body to eliminate toxins and maintain a higher quality of life!