Fight Inflammation Naturally – Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid

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For every day that we are alive, our bodies are working to keep us safe from infection and anything perceived to be dangerous to our system. When we eat or ingest something, which the body doesn’t recognise, the inflammation process kicks in and our health is protected. However, when this occurs daily, inflammation builds up and gets out of control, leaving us with some discomfort and pain. If untreated, it can be the instigator of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer’s. Inflammation occurring in the body can often be avoided, simply by altering our diet. Although aches and pains can send us to the doctor’s surgery, it isn’t always necessary to get a diagnosis and prescription. To eliminate the need to see the doctor, if we make a few lifestyle and dietary changes, our physical and mental health could improve immeasurably!

Foods That Promote Inflammation

When patients who have heart disease or diabetes are put on to nutritional diets, the food they should avoid often includes fried food, refined carbohydrates & sugar and processed / red meat. It is no coincidence that these are the exact same foods to eliminate to keep inflammation to a minimum. These kinds of foods are nutritionally empty and full of unnecessary additives, which not only encourages weight gain, but any increase in weight invites inflammation, making your body a hive for illness and disease.

Try To Avoid:

  • Refined Carbohydrates (White bread, pasta, rice)
  • Fried Foods (Chips, anything battered)
  • Red/Processed Meat (Beef, bacon, ham)
  • Sugar (Cakes, biscuits, fizzy drinks)
  • Artificial Substitutes (margarine)


Foods That Fight Inflammation

To keep the body in tip-top condition and ready to eliminate inflammation before it gets started, there is an abundance of different foods to help your body thrive. Specific fruits and leafy vegetables contain polyphenols (plant compounds which are protective) and are high in natural antioxidants (which help to maintain our youthful looks)! Certain nuts have been found to reduce not only the inflammation, but help to lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease too.

Eat In Abundance:

  • Green Leafy Veg (Spinach, Kale)
  • Fruits (Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries & Oranges)
  • Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds)
  • Fatty Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines & Tuna)
  • Olive Oil

Additional Supplements

Once your diet is in place and you are feeling the benefits of all of those healthy nutrients, it becomes easier to notice any stubborn areas of soreness or twinges which may need that extra bit of help in order to be eradicated completely. Many joint supplements are derived from plants and other natural products and can be the final addition needed for a life without pain and discomfort.

Alternatives To Try:

  • Ginger (Anti-Inflammatory, antiviral, analgesic, painkiller)
  • Boswellia (Anti-Inflammatory, improves circulation)

Both Ginger and Boswellia contain enzymes, which protect and prevent an inflammatory response. Boswellia comprises natural calcium, which actively searches out areas in which it is needed; it helps to reconstruct those areas, where new cartilage has been activated by the Boswellic acids. Ginger is an all-rounder, serving as a painkiller and anti-viral agent; as well as helping to combat nausea, chronic pain and poor digestion.

By making some changes to your diet and including some supplements, you can finally have some control over your own health, without the need for chemical painkillers. Understanding the reasons as to why inflammation occurs is just as important as knowing which supplements to take. Stay informed and stay healthy!