Ginger Benefits for your Joints

ginger root

A simple spice can go a long way towards keeping you healthy.

Ginger may be one of the most popular condiments in the world, but its health benefits are even more impressive. Whether you rely on ginger tea to ease digestion or take ginger chews when you feel a wave of nausea, there’s a good chance that ginger is already a natural remedy that you trust.

However, ginger’s biggest benefit for you might be its ability to relieve joint pain. Scientific research (ref) is revealing impressive results about ginger’s ability to reduce inflammation and ease arthritis symptoms- all without the addition of any artificial ingredients.

Ginger root and powder

Properties of Ginger

As a member of the cardamom and turmeric family, ginger is harvested as a root and has a distinctive spicy taste which Asian cooking has relied on for over 5,000 years. However, ginger’s benefits for your health go far beyond the cooking pot.

Ginger root has over 115 active compounds, but one stands out above the rest. Gingerol, the compound responsible for ginger’s sharp tang, has long been celebrated for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties. Studies have shown that gingerol’s anti-inflammatory properties are similar to ibuprofen and make it a powerful natural supplement for treating joint pain.

A ginger supplement works by reducing the body’s production of chemical substances that lead to inflammation. Ginger also provides anti-inflammatory agents called salicylates that prevent nerves from making the inflammation-inducing prostaglandins that otherwise lead to pain and discomfort.

How Is Ginger Good for Joint Pain?


How Is Ginger Good for Joint Pain?

If you suffer from chronic joint pain or arthritis, taking ginger supplements may have a profound effect on reducing your pain and increasing your mobility.

While using ginger for joint pain has been common practice in natural medicine for centuries, scientists now have ample proof that it works. When patients with arthritis in their knees were given ginger supplements for a UK study, they experienced improvements in their pain and stiffness by over 40 percent. A similar review of five studies found that patients who took ginger for joint health found that their pain decreased by a third and they experienced a 20 percent increase in their mobility. These results shouldn’t be surprising, as ginger’s natural compounds function as COX-2 inhibitors, just like NSAID rheumatoid arthritis medication does.

Ginger’s natural anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for relieving pain and improving mobility and function for patients suffering from arthritis.


Ginger Supplements and the Benefits for Your Joint Pain

To experience the natural benefits of using ginger for joint pain, simply take ginger supplements. While ginger comes raw, dry, powdered and juiced, ginger supplements provide the best benefits because they concentrate the gingerol. For the maximum results, look for ginger supplements formulated with boswellia, too. You’ll get the joint protection properties of boswellia with ginger anti-inflammation abilities.

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