Joint Health Benefits For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Joints are designed to support our weight and move our bodies through day-to-day life. Every step you take depends on your joints working collaboratively with your muscles and bones to lift, extend, and hold weight. The ends of healthy joints are coated in cartilage and soft tissues. They lubricate the space where the bones meet and prevent them from rubbing against one another. As we grow older our cartilage often begins to wear down, reducing the cushion they need.

To stay mobile, flexible, and independent as we age, we must give our joints the support they need to keep doing what they’re meant to do. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and natural food supplements are the first steps towards giving your joints the support they deserve.

Fitness and joint health for everyday life

There are countless benefits to exercise, well beyond big muscles and a trim waistline. Exercise strengthens the muscles that support our joints, produces waves of endorphins that relieve pain and helps us sleep soundly through the night.

If you’re already suffering from joint pain, you know how hard it can be to get up and move when your joints are sore and stiff.  While it’s important to never “push through the pain”, developing an exercise regimen that works for you is crucial. Any consistent movement counts, and sticking to a regular regimen is much more important than rigor or duration.  Walking, tai chi, yoga, and water aerobics are great options for those looking for gentle, low-impact activities with generous benefits.

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Many people suffering from joint pain take natural food supplements to help manage stress and strain put on their joints while moving through everyday life. Flexiqule is specially designed to target pain, support distressed joints, and reduce swelling from inflammation.  Using only 100% natural ingredients backed by thousands of years of efficacy, Flexiqule merges ancient wisdom with modern science to keep you flexible, mobile, and strong.

Joint care for runners  

Runners are certainly familiar with the plethora of benefits running brings to the mind and body, so much that many testify to feeling a “runner’s high” after a good long jaunt.  That said, running is a high-impact, high-intensity activity that demands a lot from your heart, lungs, muscles, and joints. Every time you run a step, your joints are carrying up to 5 times your regular body weight on impact.  Taking care of your healthy joints now, with regular stretching, a nutritious diet, and natural health food supplements will help you hold on to your running practice as long as possible.  Flexiqule’s unique bland of Ginger and Boswellia extract is designed to aid joints with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and restorative nutrients.

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Joint care for tennis players

There’s no denying tennis is a full-body sport.  While your lower body pivots and lunges, sprints and retreats, your upper body is responsible for repetitive high-impact strokes and sudden spinal twists.  Racket sports are also dynamic and high speed, making it easy to over lunge, misstep, or over use one arm with the racket. Many players are familiar with Tennis Elbow, a common condition caused by inflammation and nerve pain in the dominant tennis arm.

Balanced eating habits, supportive equipment, hydration, and proper form can go great lengths in protecting your body on the court.  For added support, Flexiqule’s unique formula of 100% natural ingredients can provide your joints with powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic relief, to keep your gameplay up to speed.

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Joint care for golfers 

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the UK, especially among seniors. While many golfers play to relax with friends, that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t take its toll on your body.  A repetitive, high impact golf swing can pose serious risk to your wrists, shoulders, elbows and spine. The most common injury associated with golf being Golfer’s Elbow, a condition caused by overuse of the dominant arm that triggers nerve pain and inflammation through the forearm and wrist.

A common cause of conditions like Golfer’s Elbow is improper stretching and joint care protection prior to a day on the course. Maintaining range of motion with daily stretches, eating a nutrient rich diet, and taking natural food supplements like Flexiqule can help prevent injury and encourage healthy movement. Flexiqule’s unique formula of Ginger and Boswellia contains soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain, speed up the healing process and help prevent cartilage loss. Protecting your joints now will ensure great strength and range of motion for years to come, so you can keep perfecting that hole in one.


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