8 Top Tips For Protecting Your Joints

Suffering from joint pain is enough to ruin any activity, which is why keeping your cartilage healthy should be a high priority. Damaged cartilage can’t heal or grow back, meaning that there’s little you can do to reverse the progress of arthritis once it starts. Instead, it’s better to protect the cartilage you have and make sure joint health is a priority in your life.

Below are some of the best ways to protect your joint health so they remain pain-free for years to come.

1. Keep your weight under control: Every pound of body weight puts four pounds of pressure on your knees and hips, so being overweight puts tremendous pressure on your joints. By exercising and eating right, you can keep your weight under control and remove some stress from your cartilage.

2. Keep aerobic exercise in your routine: Arthritic joints make it hard to want to work out, but aerobic exercise remains one of the best things you can do for the health of your body. Keeping your heart pumping in an exercise routine ensures your cartilage stays nourished and is less likely to deteriorate. Walking, cycling and swimming are great low-stress ways to promote overall joint health.

3. Keep comfortable at your computer: As more of our lives are spent in front of a screen, proper posture is now more important than ever. Keep your upper body spaced about two feet from your monitor, and ensure that your head forms an even line with the top of the screen. Having relaxed wrists and elbows at right angles is the most natural position for typing, which better allows you to work pain free.

4. Don’t stay seated: Both sitting AND standing is bad for your body in excessive amounts, so work to alternate between the two all day long for maximum joint benefit. Try to stand up at least once every half hour while at work to keep yourself in peak shape.

5. Stretch daily: Not only do yoga, Pilates and simply stretching help your joints stay fluid, they also help fight stiffness to protect cartilage from wear and tear. The more your joints move, the more fluid can work its way inside them and keep them in prime condition. Whether you join a yoga class or simply practice on your own, daily stretching will make a major difference.

Couple doing Yoga

6. Keep on comfortable shoes: High heels may look stunning on a night out, but they inevitably lead to sore feet and pained joints in the long run. Seek out comfortable shoes instead and your body will thank you later.

7. Give ice therapy a try: Cold temperatures naturally reduce blood flow, which helps prevent tissue from swelling and getting inflamed. By icing your sore joints, you can stop them from flaring up in pain.

8. Try natural supplements: Fueling your body with what it needs for health will make a difference for your joints, so consider taking supplements with ginger and boswellia to improve your joint health for the long run.

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