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Yoga exercise to help with shoulder pain

Aching Shoulder? What Can You Do To Get Relief?

Many of the joints can begin to ache as we age, with the most common being the knees, hips and hands. One of the joints which is not as common is the shoulder joint. Often, it's because of certain act...
Natural Supplements

Supplements for Joint Pain May Only Be Part of the Solution

Can supplements stop joint pain? A very small sentence, which requires a far more in-depth investigation into what pain is, how it is caused within the joints and if there is such a thing as one singl...
Finger joint pain

Getting a Grip on Joint Pain – Aching Finger Joints

What Parts of Ginger and Boswellia are used in FlexiQule and How Do they Work? Phytoadvance technology is used to extract maximum benefits from both plants. By ensuring that the entire plant is pre...
Wrist Joints Stiffness Pain

Wrist Joints – Stiffness & Pain

The wrist is made up of a mechanically complex configuration of muscles, bones, and ligaments.  When we say “wrist joint,” we are actually referring to many small joints that bridge the carpal bo...
knee pain

Knee Joints – Stiffness & Pain

The knee joints are one of the largest and strongest joints in the body and allow us to sit, stand, walk, and climb. Because knees are responsible for so much of the movement we do everyday, knee join...
Finger Joints Stiffness Pain

Finger Joints – Stiffness & Pain

Our fingers are involved in innumerable tasks we perform everyday.  Writing, typing, shaking hands, chopping vegetables -  the list is endless. The finger joints are part of a complex system of bone...
Ankle Joints Stiffness Pain

Ankle Joints – Stiffness & Pain

The ankle joint is formed where the tibia and fibula meet the talus bone in the foot. The two-leg bones form a snug socket known as the mortise where the body of the talus acts as a hinge to move the ...

Dealing With Joint Pain And Osteoarthritis?

While little can be done to reverse the spread of osteoarthritis, there are many options for managing the joint pain that this chronic condition can cause. By taking measures to prevent farther injury...
Elbow Joint Stiffness

Joint Pains In Your Elbow

The elbow is a complex hinge joint that connects the two bones in the lower arm - the radius and the ulna - with the humerus bone at the forearm. The elbow is technically made of up three separate joi...
Hip Joints Stiffness Pain

Hip Joints – Stiffness & Pain

Hips are no joke - they have one of the highest range of motion of any joint in the body, second only to the shoulder, and they give us the ability to walk, stand, and support our own weight. The hip ...

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