Aching Shoulder? What Can You Do To Get Relief?

Yoga exercise to help with shoulder pain

Many of the joints can begin to ache as we age, with the most common being the knees, hips and hands. One of the joints which is not as common is the shoulder joint. Often, it’s because of certain activities that are participated in over a period of time, causing the area to become stiff and sore.

Activities Causing Aching Shoulders

Many swimmers complain of aching shoulders, due to the amount of use that the shoulder gets, while repetitively completing the same action while swimming. Other activities might include housework, painting, gardening, playing tennis and other sports where the shoulder is used regularly.

Why the Shoulder Aches

Due to repetitive action or general ageing, the cartilage surrounding the shoulder bone becomes thinner and less able to protect and contain the bone underneath. The bone becomes thicker and grows ‘spurs’ or osteophytes causing more friction in the joint, which then causes aching in the shoulder along with difficulty carrying out day-to-day activities. The pain can be particularly troublesome, and can make  lifting, reaching and sometimes driving, very hard to manage.

How to Get Relief From Aching Shoulders

There are a number of ways to find relief from aching shoulders, with specific exercises and supplements which can ease the pain. It is particularly important to remember not to rest and isolate the shoulder too much, as this can cause ‘frozen shoulder’. It is best to keep the shoulder moving as much as possible to stimulate blood flow.


Yoga exercise to help with shoulder pain








Stretch Cord Exercises

Using a resistance cord, the following can be tried:

  • Full Press
  • Triceps Press Back
  • Standing Row
  • Squat Overhead Press
  • External Rotation

Stabilization Exercises

These exercises can be carried out before a swim which can help the shoulder warm up:

  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Forward Rotation
  • Streamline Stretch
  • Forward Roll

Supplements for Relief

When the pain from an aching shoulder becomes too much, supplements can be beneficial. FlexiQule can help by providing anti-inflammatory relief, with specifically selected herbal extracts of Ginger and Boswellia. Both ingredients can help to calm the soreness and stiffness through their natural ability to provide support to the joints.

Through maintaining a healthy diet, gentle exercise and supplements, it can be possible to relieve an aching shoulder joint, whether it be through injury, old age or Osteoarthritis.