How To Deal With Joint Inflammation?

We know inflammation makes joints feel painful, swollen and stiff, but what exactly is inflammation and how can we prevent it from happening?

Inflammation is the process of your white blood cells carrying immune proteins to an area that are infected by bacteria or a virus. A lot of the time, inflammation is a good thing.  We need immune proteins to protect us from foreign invaders.  Autoimmune disorders, however, cause your immune system to fire an unnecessary rescue response.  The immune system instead attacks the tissue as if it was infected, starting a civil war within your system that causes pain, swelling, and stiffness.  Inflammation can also cause flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, chills, fever, and fatigue.

Diet, exercise, and supplementary nutrients all contribute to preventing inflammation, by discouraging the immune response and strengthening our muscles, joints, and bones.

Causes of Joint Inflammation

Inflammation in the joints is correlated with many disorders and illnesses, and can affect people of any age.  As we grow older, we naturally become vulnerable to worn joints.  Just think of all the steps you’ve taken and objects you’ve lifted in your lifetime! Even if you’re not yet experiencing severe joint pain, ignoring the pain now can hasten the progression of joint pain down the road.

Joint Knee Pain

Managing Joint Inflammation

You’ve probably heard that diet and exercise are key players in preventing inflammation.  Diets rich in Omega-3’s and fatty acids can help restore worn cartilage to lubricate movement. Stretching and rotating your joints daily is will help restore range of motion and functionality.  Welcome activities that relieve stress like yoga, meditation, tai chi and walking. Reducing stress will lower the likelihood of an unnecessary immune response, and help you heal faster from existing pain.

The two active ingredients in Flexiqule are two of the world’s most used natural anti-inflammatory agents used in natural medicine, working in conjunction for unmatched relief.  Ginger and Boswellia have been used for thousands of years to sooth pain and inhibit enzymes responsible for inflammation and cartilage damage.  Combined with healthy diet and exercise, Flexiqule can help fight off inflammation and restore strong, flexible joints.