Helps your body fight cough, cold and sore throat, naturally

This Phytoceutical (plant derived cure with clinically tested efficacy and safety) boosts the power of your immune system to kill infectious germs that cause cough, cold and sore throat. Providing a quick and lasting cure.

The Phyto-actives® of Ginger, Turmeric & Pomegranate in Phytorelief®-CC treat cough, cold and sore throat by creating a protective barrier in your respiratory tract, and activating the power of your saliva to kill germs that enter through your mouth and nose.

Phytorelief®-CC is truly natural, scientifically developed, clinically tested, sugar-free and has no side effects.


Phyto-actives®. The secret to superior efficacy

In any medicinal plant just a few of its actives actually have the power to cure. These are called Phyto-actives®—the key ingredients in our Phytoceuticals.

Phytorelief®-CC contains a clinically tested and patented combination of the powerful Phyto-actives® of Ginger, Turmeric & Pomegranate.

Gingerols from Ginger increase the concentration of antimicrobial enzymes called Lysozymes found in your saliva to kill germs. Curcuminoids from Turmeric along with Anthocyanidines and Punicalagin from Pomegranate have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


AlchemLife’s Phytoceuticals, the latest generation of plant derived treatments

AlchemLife’s Phytoceuticals blend traditional medicinal knowledge with the modern science of Phytotherapy.

All our Phytoceuticals have clinically tested efficacy and are safe for long term use. They contain Phyto-actives® and are developed using our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology which is the result of Alchem’s over 75+ years of experience in extracting critical plant derived pharmaceutical ingredients.


Usage and dosage

Do not chew or swallow the Phytorelief®-CC pastille. The pastille will slowly dissolve in the mouth to kill germs that cause cough, cold and sore throat

Consume 3-4 pastilles a day to treat or bacterial cough, cold or sore throat. For maximum effect take it immediately when you see the first symptoms.

Consume 2 pastilles daily to maximise your immunity against germs that cause cough, cold or sore throat Phytorelief®-CC pastilles are sugar-free and are safe for daily use.


AlchemLife PhytoreliefTM, superior science with efficacy

Enhanced Immunity

Enhanced Immunity of the body by increasing the Lysozyme concentration in saliva.

Significant reduction

Significant reduction in duration of the disease

Reduced symptoms

Reduced occurrence of signs/symptoms of cough, cold & sore throat episodes


Cold & Cough, Sore Throat, Immunity