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Phytorelief® supports the immune system

How Phytorelief supports the immune system

The ‘Phyto-actives’ of Ginger, Turmeric & Pomegranate in the Phytorelief lozenge work together to help support the onset of cold, cough or flu related symptoms.

This is done by enhancing the body’s natural immunity against bacteria and viruses build-up in the body. Phytorelief helps significantly support the body’s first line of defence against infection in your saliva.

The longer the PhytoRelief lozenge is kept in the mouth, the stronger this natural barrier becomes.

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Helps support the respiratory tract

The saliva in your mouth serves as the first line of defence that protects your body against viral and bacterial infections. This is because saliva contains 'Lysozyme' which are immunity building enzymes that fight off viral and bacterial infections.

Zingiber extract is a well-known sialagogue and the increase of salivation containing high amount of lysozyme makes the difference.

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Natural ingredients

Phytorelief is a combination of the natural 'Phyto-actives' (the most active ingredients in medicinal plants) of Ginger, Turmeric & Pomegranate which are extracted and synergised using Alchems’ proprietary PhytoAdvance technology.

Phytorelief helps support the immune system and respiratory tract.

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Superior Science

Phytorelief lozenge is a patented combination of the ‘Phyto-actives’ of Ginger, Turmeric & Pomegranate. It is a clinically tested lozenge. The patent has been approved in Europe and US.

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Based on ancient recipe

Developed based on an ancient Turmeric recipe that has been used for centuries to maintain a healthy immune system and respiratory tract.

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phytorelief strengthens the immune system
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The power of phytoactives

What are ‘Phyto-actives’?
It is the ‘active ingredients’ in traditional medicinal plants that give them their therapeutic value. These active ingredients are called ‘Phyto-actives’, and they are the most powerful ingredients in traditional medicinal plants.

How do ‘Phyto-actives’ help AlchemLife develop superior natural solutions?
The efficacy of a natural solution depends upon the amount and nature of ‘Phyto-actives’ present in them. AlchemLife’s natural healthcare solutions, unlike other natural solutions, contain a high concentration of ‘Phyto-actives’, in their most potent form. That’s why they deliver superior efficacy, while being safe for long term use.

What are the characteristics of high quality ‘Phyto-actives’?
The quality of ‘Phyto-actives’ depends on the way in which they are extracted from medicinal plants. This is both an art and a science. ‘Phyto-actives’ ideally need to be extracted in their purest form, without distorting the natural balance in which they are present in nature.

What enables AlchemLife to extract the highest quality ‘Phyto-actives’?
AlchemLife’s solutions are backed by more than 85 years of R&D dedicated to extracting ‘Phyto-actives’ in their purest form, without disturbing the natural balance in which they are found in nature. This expertise has over the years led to the development of its proprietary Phytoadvance plant molecular extraction technology. AlchemLife’s natural solutions developed using Phytoadvance technology have been clinically tested to be effective, and are safe for long term use.

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Phytoadvance®, patented pharmaceutical technology.

Phytoadvance technology®, patented and exclusive to AlchemLife, researches, plants, extracts and analyzes its own plantations of Ginger, Turmeric and Pomegranate, to control the entire process and ensure the quality, properties, benefits and effectiveness of its ingredients in each product it markets.

About AlchemLife
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Phytoadvance Technology

What is PhytoAdvance Technology?

Professor Erdem Yesilada explains:

“The chemical composition of a plant may vary based on several factors; these include agricultural factors (soil, sunshine, harvesting, watering, fertilisers, etc.), processing and storage conditions, etc. Therefore in the current phytotherapy approach, it is essential to analyse the content of a medicinal plant by sensitive and validated test methods. This means that, if we use a medicinal plant for its healing benefits either crude herb or its extract, we need to know the concentration of active components within the intended limits. This is the most crucial point for beneficial effects. Standardisation is the indefeasibly essential component of current and rational phytotherapy. In order to provide this; starting from the agricultural conditions, throughout all processing steps, the chemical composition of the herbal material should be analysed for its active components. This is a critical point for all drugs, chemotherapeutics to phytotherapeutics to provide the aimed healing benefits when used. “PhytoAdvance Technology” is a system that ensures the herbal extracts in standardised quality from the field to the people. Therefore, people should notice the registered code is given just after the name of the herbal extract; i.e. turmeric G311. This means that the active component curcuminoids in turmeric are adjusted to the certain in-house limits.


Nature has created extremely complex vegetal organisms with extraordinary health attributes. Through thousands of years of learning and experiences, we, humans, locally and globally, have been learning how to use this wonderful natural laboratory and transmit this knowledge to their descendants. To gather this extraordinary knowledge from the plants and from ancestral cultures, our sourcing team at Alchemlife spend time travelling around the world, so we can pick the best plants which have the specific nutrients needed for our supplements.

Origin of our raw materials

Identifying the best from nature with our history and knowledge of traditional medicine from India to the Amazon or identifying new and ground-breaking herbs, using carefully developed processing and extraction techniques that ensure the benefit of the whole plant are maintained and concentrated ready to be infused into our products

At the heart of our entire business is better health and well-being for anyone who needs it. The purity and potency of our natural products mean that we can support people in their quest to improve their own health, with our supplements and advice.

Like the coffee makers: searching for raw materials around the world. Quality of the herbs without heavy metals or pesticides.

We believe nature offers the best solutions to healthcare and well-being need. Our products are free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals. Instead, we use flower and root extracts, each one carefully selected and orchestrated to work with your body’s own systems. With respect for the earth we believe in protecting our farms and building fair trade partnerships to bring you the best nature has to offer.

Frequent questions

How should PhytoreliefTM be taken?

We recommend you take 3 lozenges per day – morning, noon and evening. To maximize efficacy, keep each lozenge as long as possible in the mouth letting it dissolve slowly ideally without sucking or chewing.

What is Pomegranate and how is it good for your health?

Pomegranate is an edible fruit that contains a wealth of micro-nutrients and antioxidants such as tannins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid that boost the body’s natural defenses.

What is Ginger and how is it good for your health?

Ginger is a flowering plant whose root, or rhizome, has been used as both a spice and natural medicine for thousands of years. Ginger has an impressive range of health benefits acting as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, as an aid to digestion and even to help treat or prevent nausea. Ginger also contains natural detoxifiers that cleanse the body.

What is Tumeric and how is it good for your health?

Turmeric is a mainstay of traditional Asian medicine and contains curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin. Curcumin has a powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong antioxidant.

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