What is Ginger?

A brief desciption of ginger is provided below.

Description of What Ginger is:

Ginger is a herbaceous plant (or herb) that offers humans a wide range if health benefits. It is considered to be a herb due to the fact that the plant sprouts out from the root and does not have a woody stem. Ginger is also considered to be a spice as a result of the unique spicy flavor it adds to food when it is used as an ingredient. 

Therefore, due to the fact that Ginger is a herb that can be used to heal various ailments in addition to being used as spicy flavor, it is considered to be both a herb and a spice at the same time. In addition to being used in foods for its flavor, Ginger is also used in many forms of natural supplements, including joint supplements such as our all natural Flexiqule joint support supplement.

Where Does Ginger Originate From?

Ginger originates from Southern Asia. It was first introduced to the Western world during the 1st century AD. This was during the time of the lucrative spice trade between Europe and India. Currently in the year 2018, Ginger is one of the most popular herbs and spices.

What are Some Known Health Benefits of Ginger?

  • Treats nausea.
  • May improve digestion and/or treat chronic indigestion.
  • Can help speed up the recovery of muscles.
  • Can help speed up the recovery of joints.
  • May lower cholesterol levels.
  • Can aid the immune system and help fight infections.
  • Can lower blood sugars and help reduce the risk factors of heart disease.

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