What is a Joint?

There are various meanings of what a “joint” is. We will be stating a few different difinitions of what a “joint” is below.

Definitions Of Joint


Anatomy Definition (Our joint supplements called Flexiqule are used for these types of joints)

1.The movable or fixed place or part where two bones or elements of a skeleton join.

Other Definitions Of “Joint”

2. A place where two things, or two separate parts of one thing, are joined either rigidly or in a way where they are physically capable of permitting motion.

3. A connection between two different pieces of things.

Factors of Joint Health

  • Nutrition: There are essential nutrients that are required in order for the body to be capable of rebuilding joints. Higher amounts of these nutrition improve the efficiency of the rate at which the body rebuilds its joints. On the other hand, deficiencies in these nutrition will cause the body to less efficiently rebuild its joints. Various types of natural supplements & anti inflammatory foods such as ginger are considered to be extremely beneficial for joints.
  • Physical Pressure: This is one main factor of joint health that can either benefit or damage the joints depending on the circumstances. Certain types of physical pressures that may effect joint health negatively include high impacts of physical pressure, & physical pressure excerted in improper angles, physical pressure from remaining in the same position for too long, and more. Some forms of physical pressure that may help improve the health of joints include balanced and relaxed stretches & physical motions such as yoga and walking in proper position.
  • Rest & Relaxation: Rest & relaxation is an important factor of joint health no matter what. You can consume all the great nutrition in the world and do the most balanced stretches with proper walking positions, but your joints will still require rest & relaxation to properly heal themselves.

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