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Helps your body to cleanse and detoxify the liver

This Phytoceutical is natural, scientifically developed, clinically studied, and tested providing a support system for your liver that may help with cleansing and detoxifying.

Silymarin, the primary component of Liverubin™, has been shown to potentially provide liver support in cases of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver health*

Liverubin is a cruelty-free product. Contains no added gluten, wheat or sugar. Always consult a healthcare professional before using any dietary supplement.

The Best Herbal Supplements for Liver Disorders

You’ve tried all types of  medications and nothing has worked. We have the best solution for you! Liverubin is our herbal supplement that assists with liver disorders and helps to revitalize your body. Give your liver the care it needs and deserves from a natural source!


Phyto-actives®. The secret to superior efficacy

In any medicinal plant just a few of its actives have the power to cure. These are called Phyto-actives®—the key ingredients in our Phytoceuticals.

The Phyto-actives of Milk Thistle has hepatoprotective, detoxification and antioxidant action by reducing free radical production. They activate the power of liver to have detoxifying effect thus beneficial for liver problems.


AlchemLife’s Phytoceuticals, the latest generation of plant derived treatments

AlchemLife’s Phytoceuticals blend traditional medicinal knowledge with the modern science of Phytotherapy.

All our Phytoceuticals have clinically tested efficacy and are safe for long term use. They contain Phyto-actives® and are developed using our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology which is the result of Alchem’s over 75+ years of experience in extracting critical plant derived pharmaceutical ingredients.


The Best Herbal Supplements for Liver Detox

Reducing your liver’s workload is a good way to give it some time to rest and recover. Our Liverubin is a great way to do this! With herbs that have been traditionally used as liver detox, it can help your liver cleanse and work more efficiently.


Usage and dosage

Take it when you experience the first symptoms of gas formation or indigestion.

DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Perfecting traditional plant medicine through modern science, our wellness supplements offer effective solutions for enhanced health. For best results, consume 1-3 tablets per day. May chew, dissolve, or swallow the tablet.



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