ALCHEMLIFE SCIENCE – Backed by more than 75 years of R&D

All AlchemLife™ products are packed with powerful ‘Phyto-actives’. It is the power of these ‘Phyto-actives’ that make our solutions both effective and safe for long term use. Thus helping people across the world stay naturally healthy for life.

Sourcing, Phytoactives

What are ‘Phyto-actives’?

It is the ‘active ingredients’ in traditional medicinal plants that give them their therapeutic value. These active ingredients are called ‘Phyto-actives’, and they are the most powerful ingredients in traditional medicinal plants.
Formulation, Phytoactives

How do ‘Phyto-actives’ help AlchemLife develop superior natural solutions?

The efficacy of a natural solution depends upon the amount and nature of ‘Phyto-actives’ present in them. AlchemLife’s natural healthcare solutions, unlike other natural solutions, contain a high concentration of ‘Phyto-actives’, in their most potent form. That’s why they deliver superior efficacy, while being safe for long term use.
Proof, Phytoactives

What are the characteristics of high quality ‘Phyto-actives’?

The quality of ‘Phyto-actives’ depends on the way in which they are extracted from medicinal plants. This is both an art and a science. ‘Phyto-actives’ ideally need to be extracted in their purest form, without distorting the natural balance in which they are present in nature.
Alchemlife Science, Phytoactives

What enables AlchemLife to extract the highest quality ‘Phyto-actives’?

AlchemLife’s solutions are backed by more than 75 years of R&D dedicated to extracting ‘Phyto-actives’ in their purest form, without disturbing the natural balance in which they are found in nature. This expertise has over the years led to the development of its proprietary Phytoadvance plant molecular extraction technology. AlchemLife’s natural solutions developed using Phytoadvance technology have been clinically tested to be effective, and are safe for long term use.